Diagnosing Problems With A Garage Door Motor

A garage door motor can wear out over time. If you don't know what to look for, diagnosing problems with  a garage door motor can be tricky. However, if you know what to look for, you can often find and make repairs on your own without the need to call in professionals to make repairs for you. 

Problems with Your Obstruction Sensors

If your garage door will start to close and then stops even when there is no obstruction present, the problem likely does not lie with your motor. If your obstruction sensors get out of alignment, they can send a false signal to your motor, preventing it from closing. To repair your garage door, you will need to focus your efforts on your garage door sensors. Often you can repair the problem by grabbing one of the sensors and gently moving it back and forth, and up and down until it realigns with the other light. You should have an indicator light that glows green on the obstruction sensors when they are in alignment. 

Problems with the Gears

Your garage door motor will have gears that transfer the power from the motor to the chain that your garage door uses to open and close your garage door. If these gears get stripped, the chain can slip. If your garage door is jerky in that it stops and starts even as the motor continues to work, or if your motor works, but the garage door won't move, you have a problem with your gears. You can buy replacement gears and then install them on your own. Replacement gears will often come with directions that you can follow to make the repair. However, if you are not comfortable making the repairs on your own, you can call in professionals for help. 

Motor Failure

The actual motor that operates your garage door can fail. If your garage door motor smokes or simply won't work, then you have a problem with the motor itself. When it comes time to replace a garage door motor, you need to call in the professionals. 

If you have no idea what to look for, diagnosing problems with a garage door can seem like an impossible task. However, before you call in professionals to make repairs for you, you should do some poking around to find problems on your own. If you are reasonably handy, you can make many repairs on your own.