Central Air Conditioner Problems: Signs That You Need A Replacement & The Cost For One

Although a central air conditioning system can undergo repairs when it has problems, eventually you will have to replace it. If you constantly have to pay for repairs, it may be a sign that the air conditioning system is about to completely breakdown. Discover how to tell when air conditioning repairs may be pointing to the need for a replacement, as well as the cost for a new system.

What are Signs of the Need for an Air Conditioner Replacement?

The main sign of an aging central air conditioning system is a lack in efficiency in cooling your home. For instance, you may have to run the system for a large portion of the day before your home is cooled to a comfortable temperature. The length of time the system is running can also cause your energy bills to be higher than usual. However, a lack of cooling efficiency can also be a sign that the air ducts are dirty.

Another sign that you need to replace the system is when you are experiencing frequent problems with it breaking down. If you have to pay for repairs throughout the year, you are actually wasting your money because it could be invested into a new system. If vital parts of the system like the heat pump, blower or coils malfunction a lot, your system is likely just old and no longer able to function as it once did.

How Much Does a New Central Air Conditioning System Cost?

If you need a new central air conditioning that includes the installation of new air ducts, you are looking to pay an average of $8,000 for a house that is 2,000 square feet. The quality and brand of system will also be factored into the price. The air conditioning specialist will also charge a labor fee that may be based on the complexity involved with installing the new system.

You don't have to worry about being without an air conditioner for too long during the installation process because it should only take a few days for the task to be complete. Installation time will depend on the size of your house and what all is being installed.

When you notice that your air conditioning system is costing you more money on repair than providing cool air, it is time to consider a replacement. Contact an air conditioning specialist to inspect your old system to see what you need installed with the new system!