Tips On Getting Rid Of Hard Water Stains On Shower Doors

If you've got hard water, keeping your shower doors clean might be especially difficult. Over time, hard water can leave mineral deposits on shower fixtures that are unsightly and detract from the comfort of the shower experience.

While these stains can be persistent, you should be able to get rid of them with a bit of elbow grease. Consider the following cleaning/stain prevention tips:

Use rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol will not only remove stains from your shower door, but it will also disinfect. In addition to rubbing alcohol, you can also consider using hydrogen peroxide or chlorine bleach.

Using a cleaning solution that disinfects will help you to fight mold and mildew while also getting rid of hard water stains.  

Create a cleaning solution with vinegar

If you want to get rid of hard water stains using a natural substance, consider diluting vinegar with water and using the mixture as a cleaning solution. It's easy to remove hard water stains from your shower tiles or surfaces with such a mixture.

If hard water stains are particularly persistent, you might want to consider creating a mixture from vinegar and liquid soap. This will allow your cleaning solution to form suds for better cleaning effectiveness.

Get rid of soap scum

Remember that hard water doesn't only leave mineral deposits on your shower enclosures, walls and door. It also makes soap scum buildup more likely because it detracts from your water's ability to wash away residue from soap, shampoo, and other products. 

Vinegar is effective at getting rid of soap scum stains. However, using hot water is important when it comes to cleaning away soap scum. Use cleaning water that's as hot as you can comfortably stand if you want to get rid of soap scum residue as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Be vigilant

The best way to avoid hard water stains and related soap scum stains is to be vigilant. If you dry off your shower door down after every shower, you will have much less trouble keeping stains off of your shower fixtures. 

Get a water softener

Homeowners with hard water might find that having a water softener installed will make keeping the shower clean much easier. Water softener systems will remove mineral ions from water like calcium and magnesium ions.

In many cases, this can make it much easier to keep shower fixtures looking clean and sparkling. Water softeners typically offer many additional benefits, such as reducing soap residue and hard water damage on the skin and hair of a home's residents.