Renting An Excavator: 3 Facts You Need To Know

Are you planning to rent an excavator to help you complete an upcoming home improvement project? If so, you may be surprised to learn that this type of heavy equipment rental works in a far different way than a traditional rental. Taking the time to review the three important facts below will help to ensure you understand exactly how these equipment rentals work so that you can get the most out of your time with an excavator rental.

Fact 1: Heavy Equipment Typically Falls Under The Category Of Metered Equipment

When renting metered equipment, such as an excavator, your rental period will be measured both by the amount of time that you have to return the equipment, and by the amount of time you have to use this equipment. Unlike traditional rentals, these time measurements will not be the same. This is because each rental day will typically provide you with 24 hours to return the equipment, but only 8 hours to use the equipment. The amount of time that the equipment is in use will be monitored by a meter that is attached directly to the equipment's motor. Consequently, each time you turn the equipment on, the meter will start running.

In order to ensure that you will have enough time to successfully complete the task at hand, be sure to always consider how long you will be actively using the equipment rather than simply considering how long it will take you to return it.

Fact 2: You Will Be Given A Limited Transportation Window

Since the amount of time you have to operate this equipment will be limited, most rental companies will offer you a limited transportation window that allows you to transport the equipment to your work site before your usage hours count against your rental period. If you truly wish to get the most out of your rental, you will need choose a rental company that is located as close to your work site as possible. This will ensure that you are able to successfully transport the equipment before your transportation allowance expires.

Fact 3: Special Certifications May Be Required When Renting Heavy Equipment

Some heavy equipment will require you to possess a special certification or operators license. For instance, some jurisdictions will limit the operation of backhoes and full size excavators to individuals who have been certified in the safe operation of this equipment. This requirement is not waived simply because you are renting the equipment for personal use. Consequently, it is extremely important to always verify whether or not you will need to present any special documentation before picking up your rented equipment. This will allow you to avoid any costly delays and ensure that you reserve the right type of equipment for your particular needs and skill level.