Keeping Your Construction Supplies Secure While On The Job Site

If you're a contractor, you know that your job site changes, sometimes by the day. Moving from location to location means that you need to keep all of your materials, tools and supplies secure at all times. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars worth of tools need to be kept safe but also accessible. Here are a few ways that you can keep building supplies and tools secure and away from unwanted prying hands.

The Right Tool Boxes

Your main tool boxes should hold every tool that you'll need to in order to complete your job safely and effectively. Having a toolbox on your truck that locks is one way to keep larger items secure at all times. Larger more mobile tool boxes should be made from steel or reinforced metal to prevent someone from quickly breaking in and taking items. Reinforced tool boxes also help protect the contents of your toolbox from dents and accidental breakage. Having a professional locksmith create a custom-designed locking mechanism for your toolbox can help customize it per your needs.

Secure Carrying Cases

When you are not near your work truck toolbox or your tools are at your shop, you'll need something to carry the essentials in. Always choose a secure carrying case that will hold everything you need and make it accessible as well. Tool belts that fit securely around your waist make it easy to select what you need while leaving your hands free to work. A canvas or vinyl tool bag with a reinforced metal base can hold nails and smaller items conveniently. Make sure these tool cases zip or snap and have several pockets to prevent items from getting lost or stolen easily.

Pods And Trailers

For roofing jobs, you'll need access to a variety of tools at all times. Roofing and building supplies including ladders, nail guns, shingles, wood and underlayment are expensive materials that need to be protected when you are not on the work site. Renting a locked storage pod or storage trailer offers a great way to keep materials and tools, like those from American Building & Roofing Inc, secure around the clock. This also helps prevent materials from getting wet or damaged from the elements.  

Fences And Lighting

When storing building supplies including siding, metal roofing or concrete materials, it's best to keep them confined to one location at all times. Some items may be too large to be stored in a pod or trailer. Consider using portable fences including:

  • Silt fencing- Providing a protective barrier while allowing water to pass through and trapping dirt to prevent water buildup around materials.
  • Wire backed fence- Sturdy and temporary protection from intruders.
  • Plastic netting- Easily forms a barrier that protects building supplies.
  • Barrier fence- Plastic mesh fencing that provides a cover to keep materials and supplies out of direct eyesight.

Keeping the worksite well lit at all times also forms an added layer of protection.

Having your job site secure from all angles will help keep costs down and minimize theft.