How A Contractor Can Upgrade Your Swimming Pool For Added Appeal

Are you tired of having an inground pool that has a damaged surface and deck? You may want to invest in getting your pool upgraded so the surface and deck can be resurfaced for more appeal. In this article, find out how a contractor can resurface your pool to make swimming in it more enjoyable.

How Can a Swimming Pool Be Upgraded?

Your pool can be upgraded by a contractor refinished the plaster that covers the surface. When plaster becomes rusty and cracked, it can make the water appear dirty. The water will actually not be as clean as it should be when cracks are in the surface, as the cracks can accumulate dirt and debris. You can get a new plaster, but can also opt for getting your pool resurfaced with a quartz or pebble aggregate to add more appeal.

The deck surrounding the swimming pool should be another focus when upgrading the appeal. You can choose decking material that include pavers, bricks, tile or a variety of natural stones. However, keep in mind that getting a lot of stones, pavers or bricks installed will require a lot of maintenance because they can shift out of place.

If you don't want to deal with a lot of maintenance, you may want to opt for a concrete surface. Getting your pool deck resurfaced with concrete is ideal because you won't have to worry about concrete shifting out of place as with other decking materials. A concrete deck is also the least complex for a contractor to install. The reason is due to concrete being poured in large amounts, while individual pavers have to be installed one at a time. The ease of installing concrete will also make it the most affordable option for a pool deck.

How Much Does a Swimming Pool Upgrade Cost?

The price for upgrading your swimming pool will depend on what all is being done. If you want a complete upgrade that includes your pool deck and surface getting refinished, you can expect to pay an average of up to $22,000 plus. However, other repairs are included in a complete upgrade that may include the contractor fixing electrical and plumbing problems.

After your swimming pool undergoes a surface and deck upgrade, you will want to spend more time in it with your loved ones. Make an appointment with a contractor so he or she can bring your pool the beauty that it once had! Click here for more information about pool deck resurfacing options.