How To Refinish Custom Wood Floors

The great thing about custom wood floors is the fact that you can refinish them whenever you want. You can essentially give your floor an entire new look by changing the finish. This is something that you cannot do with most prefabricated floors that are made out of thin veneer planks. Custom wood floors are made out of thick, solid planks of wood. This means they can be sanded down and refinished several times. You can even do this on your own if you rent a drum sander. This article will explain how to refinish a custom wood floor with a drum sander.

Using a Drum Sander

Using a drum sander is easy, but it does require a lot strength because they are so heavy and powerful. Most stand-up sanders will weigh nearly 100 pounds. Furthermore, when they are powered on, the spinning drum will cause the sander to pull with even greater force. So, before you decide to take on this project, you need to decide if you can handle the drum sander.

The key to using the drum sander is to keep it moving. Do not stop in one spot when it is running. You want to sand down the floor evenly so the surface remains flat and the stain is even. It is also helpful to keep your room well ventilated with fans. Keep the windows open when sanding so the sawdust does not make it hard to breathe.

Preparing the Baseboard

If you plan on maintaining your current baseboard when you are refinishing your floor, you will need to take extra steps to protect it. Taping off the baseboard with painter or duct tape will not suffice. If the edge of the drum sander hits the tape, it will probably tear right through it and scratch the baseboard. Adding several layers of tape is usually the quickest solution. Alternatively, you can try to cover the baseboard with cardboard. Of course, finding this much cardboard can be difficult. Since protecting the baseboard is difficult, some people just remove it altogether and then reattach it when the floor is done. You could even install a new baseboard when the floor is finished. With new baseboard and a new finish on your floor, your room will look almost brand new.

In the end, refinishing your custom floors is a smart home remodel and a fun way to update the style of any room. For more information about wood flooring, visit House Of Floors.