Four Habits Which May Reduce Dishwasher Effectiveness

Have you noticed recently that your dishwasher isn't getting your dishes as clean as it once used to? It's very possible that you (or one of your family members) have developed some habits which are making it more difficult for your dishwasher to function properly. 

1. Tossing All the Silverware in at Once

It's easy to get into the habit of collecting all your silverware and then tossing it into a single compartment of your dishwasher. Instead, however, you should always separate your silverware individually and distribute it among the separate compartments. Otherwise, the silverware -- both forks and spoons -- tend to stick together, keeping the mess between them and are neither properly cleaned or properly dried. 

2. Placing the Bowls Face Up or Improperly Secured

Lightweight bowls will often turn into a face up position if they aren't properly secured. Generally, the area around the bottom and top racks will have enough room to securely fit the bowls in. If a bowl turns to the face up position, it will usually fill with dirty water -- which will then remain trapped. 

3. Being Overly Efficient 

Many people pride themselves on their ability to neatly stack dozens of plates in the top or bottom of their dishwasher. However, the goal isn't to fill the top and bottom drawers completely. There should always be some space between dishes to allow for water flow. Otherwise, you'll find yourself having to run the washer twice -- which isn't very efficient at all.

4. Blocking Off the Sprayer

The sprayer is usually located at the very bottom of your dishwasher. It can be easy to accidentally block the sprayer off by placing a large stew pot or cookie sheet at the bottom. This will reduce the cleaning effectiveness for everything inside of the dishwasher -- and many people fall into this habit because the larger items seem to naturally fit at the bottom. Instead, try to put these items towards the corners of the bottom rack.

If you're certain you're loading your dishwasher properly, it may be that something's wrong with the dishwasher itself. There are multiple parts in a dishwasher which can break and not be immediately obvious, such as the pump and the internal drainage. Calling an appliance service repairs company like J & M Appliance is the fastest way to sort these issues out -- and your dishwasher may still be covered under warranty.