Keep Water Flowing And Avoid Expensive Breakdowns - Tips For Keeping Your Drains Clean And Clear

Owning your own home can be an extremely exciting and rewarding accomplishment, but it also comes with a wide variety of challenges. Home ownership means having to understand and master a wide variety of maintenance tasks that you may not have ever considered. Keeping your sewer system strong and functional is often high on the list of those unexpected tasks.

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps for keeping your drains clean and clear. Following these suggestions can guarantee that you aren't faced with extensive and expensive repairs, and will go a long way toward keeping your home as dry and secure as possible.

Be Mindful Of Kitchen Waste

Your kitchen is likely one of the two places in your home that gets the most use out of your sewer system, but it's also the home of a large number of potential challenges. Many people make the mistake of assuming a kitchen drain with or without a garbage disposal can handle almost anything that goes down it, and this can lead to some serious backups.

Make sure that you dispose of things that harden as they dry in your garbage rather than in your sink. Coffee grounds, excess cooking grease, and starchy vegetable peelings can all form hard clumps that are difficult for water to break up, and keeping them out of your plumbing will go a long way toward maintaining its strength.

Make Use Of Home Remedies

Many people avoid purchasing drain cleaners and other chemical maintenance solutions because of their cost. While chemical drain cleaners may be pricey, they also perform some important tasks, so you should look for alternatives that may be friendlier to your budget.

Your home is likely full of alternate methods for drain cleaning that you can avail yourself of with the proper knowledge. Vinegar and baking soda, for example, can act to break down waste and oxygenate your drains, allowing your water and air to flow freely and break up existing clogs.

Purchase Screens For Tubs and Sinks

Even people with the healthiest hair will find themselves shedding it after vigorous washing. Your hair, along with dirt, sweat, and other common bodily waste, can create difficult clogs if your drain isn't properly protected. In order to avoid letting these things travel down your pipes, purchase screens to place over the drains in your tub and bathroom sink. This will help guarantee that the largest contaminants are captured and removed, allowing you to avoid potentially serious blockages.

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