Understanding What an Industrial Electrical Contractor Does

Most people would have no idea what an industrial electrical contractor does. That is because this type of electrical contractor has a very special type of job with some unique duties and skills. Since his or her skills only apply to things of an industrial nature, you are not likely to hire him to install your new fuse box upgrades. The following will enlighten you as to what an industrial electrical contractor actually does.

Specific Duties and Skills

An industrial electrical contractor is first and foremost a contractor. He or she works independently of any other business, seeking out industrial customers as clients. As an electrical contractor, he or she might also be sub-contracted to finish a job or finish a related job to one that another contractor is already working on.

As an industrial electrician, this person works to repair the electrical functions of a lot of industrial equipment. Much of industry and manufacturing today relies on automation and robotic equipment, all of which requires an enormous amount of electricity. The industrial electrician examines, diagnoses and repairs all of the equipment, the wiring, and the motors and generators for the entire factory. He or she also installs and connects industrial equipment and its electrical wiring to each factory's own power source.

Additional Duties and Skills

Additional duties often include connecting pipelines to carry electrical cables and wires long distances through the factories and securing the wires or electrical cable to safe surfaces. The pipelines may be inside or out, but regardless of their location, the pipes enclose the electrical wiring or cable and keep it from getting wet, struck by an instrument or piece of equipment, and stop any potential arching that can occur between electrical lines and/or sparking. (Sparking can be caused by other wires or by the sparks in a welding shop if the sparks fly in the direction of the wires.)

Following an Industrial Electrical Contractor Around 

If you are interested in seeing what a day in the life of an industrial electrical contractor is like, you might be able to follow one around for a day. There are "junior apprentice" programs for teens and young adults who are considering this field. If you happen to know someone who is an industrial electrical contractor, or know someone who knows someone, then you could also ask to follow the contractor around for a day as well. You would not get any "hands-on" experience because of the dangers of the job, but you could see, in person, what an electrical contractor like Art's Electric does.