Haunt Your House: Four DIY Halloween Crafts To Do With A Trip To The Hardware Store

As fall grows closer and the leaves begin falling off the trees, the kids are in the house more and there is nothing better than crafts to keep them busy. Halloween can be a great decoration project for your home. You can create haunted houses and DIY décor that is one of a kind. Here are some Halloween decoration tips for projects you can do with a few items from the hardware store:

1. Keeping It Spooky With Creepy Halloween Lighting

If you want your home to have the atmosphere of Halloween, you may want to consider some lighting changes. This is something that is simple to do and just changing a couple of light bulbs can create the look you want. You can get colored and black lights from the hardware store to create the lighting for Halloween. If you have decorations with fluorescent colors, a black light will make them glow and add to the atmosphere.

2. Adding Scares Your Jack-O-Lanterns With Paper Mache

If you want to have a really scary jack-o-lantern, paper Mache can make it frightening. You can use a partially deflated beach ball to make a pattern, or you can use the paper Mache to make details. Use a basic glue recipe and newspaper to make the form, and then use Plaster of Paris (wall plaster) to make the fine details. Use a putty knife to smooth the surface or a textured cloth to add gory details.

3. Building A Frightening Doorman To Welcome Guests To Your Home

Another fun project you may want to do is build a frightening doorman to greet guests. This can be done by using PVC tubing to make a frame and then dressing it with stuffed clothing. If you want to add to the scare, try adding a motor to the doorman and a hidden switch that makes him move when someone steps on the switch. This can be done with a simple servo that you can get from any RC supplier.

4. Wake The Dead With A Zombie Garden Grave Yard

A zombie garden can be another fun idea for your Halloween décor. You can get materials like picket fencing from the hardware store and use plywood to make tombstones. You can hide speakers in the grave markers if you want to add sound to the graveyard. If you want to control the spooky sounds, use a Bluetooth speaker to control sounds with a mobile device.

These are some Halloween decoration projects that you may want to try with a quick trip to the hardware store. If you are ready to make your home haunted for All Hallows Eve, visit a hardware store like Montgomery's Building Supplies Inc to get everything you need.