2 Signs It’s Time To Refinish Those Hardwood Floors

Your heart might have skipped a beat when you initially saw those hardwood floors in your house, but how are they looking these days? If your floors look a little less-than-pristine, you might be wondering if you should refinish them. However, refinishing is a big job that might require a pretty extensive time commitment—which is why you need to be certain the job needs to be done in the first place. Here are two signs it's time to refinish those hardwood floors:

1: Water Soaks Into the Wood

Have you ever watched what happens when water sits on your floor? Although it might not seem like an important factor, the way that liquid reacts with your floor can be a big indicator of whether or not the floor needs to be refinished.

If water or liquid pools on top of your floor until you can find a dry towel, the protective varnish that covers your floor is doing its job and your floors are in decent condition. However, if that liquid seeps into your floor and creates a wet spot, your floors aren't being protected, and they need to be refinished.

To test your floors, find a heavily trafficked area and pour a few tablespoons of water onto the floor. If you notice that the water is sinking in, dry the spot before more liquid penetrates the area, and call a professional who can give you a refinishing bid.

2: Your Floors Show Signs of Warping

Do your hardwood floor planks seem bent or bowed in any way? If so, it might be a sign that they have absorbed water before, and that it caused the plank to warp. Warped boards can cause all kinds of problems, but the main cause for concern is an uneven floor that can cause trip and fall hazards for your family.

If you have a warped floor, the surface might need to be completely sanded down, evened out, or even have parts replaced. Because of the complexity of the job, warped floors should never be repaired by anyone other than a flooring expert. If you suspect that your floors have sustained long-term damage or that they aren't sitting parallel to one another, ask a professional to evaluate the extent of the problem.

By paying attention to your flooring and getting them refinished when you should, you might be able to enjoy a floor that is as healthy as it is beautiful. For more information, contact Rainwood Interiors Inc or a similar company.