4 Ways To Use Wooden Fencing To Enhance Your Home’s Landscaping

When you think of a wood fence, you might imagine a solid and tall structure used to secure your backyard and add privacy. There are many types of wooden fences, such as those that are low to the ground, peaking at about 2 to 3 feet high. This type of fence can add some character to a modern or rustic looking backyard. Consider these 4 ways to use low wooden fencing with your home's landscaping to really make it stand out.

Surround Your Flowerbed

A wooden fence can really make a flowerbed stand out in your backyard, which can be done with a simple rail-and-post fencing system. It will let you easily see through your fence so that you can admire the beautiful flowers, while adding to it with a rustic look thanks to the wood. If you don't like the rustic look, painting the wood white can make this part of your yard look pristine and clean-cut.

Adding a gate to the fence works best for flower beds located in the center of a backyard. When combined with a walkway that goes through the center, it can easily make a plain flowerbed be the focal point of a backyard.

Frame Your Pond

If your landscaping includes a pond, adding low wooden fencing is one way that you can showcase it. The low profile of the fence will make it easy to access your pond for feeding fish or adjusting equipment.

Surround Your Patio

It's easy to add character to a patio by installing a wood fence around the perimeter. A wooden fence with a dark stain will help make a patio feel sophisticated, with a light stain creating a look that feels natural. Wooden fencing can be paired with stone tiles to combine natural materials in a way that looks beautiful.

Encapsulate Your Cooking Area

Did you recently install an outdoor kitchen that you've always dreamed of? You can finish the look with wooden fencing to help set the kitchen apart from your yard. Consider using cedar for the fencing material, since it will naturally repel fungus and bugs, which are two nuisances that you do not want around your food.

Does a wood fence sound like a great improve your home's landscaping? Get in touch with a local fence company that can help you purchase the materials and perform the installation for you. The result will be a finishing touch that will really make your home look natural and vibrant.