5 Fabulous Ideas For Your Front Gate

The gate is guests' invitation to your home. However, it also serves the practical purpose of securing your yard. Either way the front gate is visible from the street, and therefore it offers both visitors and passersby their first impression of your home. Choose a customized gate as the welcome you want to extend.

Custom Gate

If you want to give your home a grand entrance, consider a custom gate. Contractors have many methods for customizing a gate. For example, you could select a simple wooden panel gate with your family initials etched in. Alternatively, consider a custom iron gate with a picture worked into the design. Another option is a sculptural iron gate made of mixed materials such as wood and steel. Manufacturers can even create a gate that looks like bubbles, fire or some other natural substance – let your imagination guide you.

Gate Makeover

Another way to customize your garden gate is by giving a basic model a makeover. Home and Garden TV suggests starting with a basic wooden gate and painting it. You can have it painted a bold color or ask for a faux painting technique that makes it look old or mossy. Likewise, change out the hardware to conform with your vision. Replace new hardware with antique models, or go ornate.

Trellis Topper

In the same vein, contractors often use trellis panels to make over a basic wooden gate. You could start with a rectangular model and have a geometric panel added on top for a modern appeal. Or have a full circle trellis added to the top. For a more classic look, start with an arched wooden gate, and add a panel that echoes this shape. The trellis panel can even be in wrought iron, which offers a charming complementary profile.

Geometric Gate

Speaking of geometry, if you have a contemporary home, consider a gate with geometric style. Imagine a rectangular gate with a large circle built into the center. The circle can feature a series of squares that echo a panel on top. The construction can be an update on basic wrought iron. Peruse your contractor's catalog for options, or customize a gate with the geometry that complements the façade of your home.

Romantic Arbor

If your front gate opens right into a garden, a romantic arbor is an excellent addition. This works well with either a picket or iron gate. Have the arbor built over the gate, and plant climbing flowers at the base to grow over the top. Flowers such as morning glory offer a delicate look, while bougainvillea creates more privacy.

Let your customized front gate serve as the transition between the street and your home. Contact a fencing contractor, like Carter Fence Co, for more help.