Epoxy Resin Coatings For Unique Residential Floors And Counters

One way to personalize your residence is with flooring and counter tops that are custom built specifically for you. You can design these features to reflect your own taste and personality. Once you have a design in mind, consider having your floor or counter top coated with an epoxy coating to unify the design and create a long-lasting and easy-to-maintain architectural feature. Here are some ideas to consider that use epoxy resin in your home: 

Epoxy Floor Coating - To create a distinctive and durable floor in your residence consider using epoxy resin to finish your floor. The following materials can be used as a floor substrate for an epoxy resin coating: 

  • Hardwood or Bamboo Floors - These classic woods can be installed in long slats or crisscrossed sections to create an interesting pattern or design. Wood floors can be dyed or stained with aniline dyes to create subtle or intense colors that soak into the different textures of the woods and emphasize the individual wood grain. A high-build epoxy resin is then poured on the top of the floor and smoothed to a gloss, semi-gloss, or matte finish. The epoxy resin gives the floor a unifying finish. Area rugs can be used on top of the floor to separate different areas.  
  • Concrete Floors - Concrete is a cost-effective material for a contemporary floor. Concrete is installed in layers of asphalt felt, metal lath, and a self-leveling concrete layer. This concrete is poured onto the floor and smoothed with a gauge rake that is set to create an even thickness throughout the floor. When the concrete is dry, epoxy resin is poured on the concrete floor to give the floor a softer feel and appearance. The epoxy resin can be dyed or stained to color the concrete floor. You can even use different colors of epoxy resin and swirl them together on your floor for a custom finish that looks like water or clouds. 
  • Other Floors - Unique flooring materials such as stones, pebbles, corks, bricks, ceramic tiles, and even metal and leather tiles can be used as a substrate for an epoxy resin finish. These different flooring materials will each have their own character but will also be stable and easy to maintain because they are covered with an epoxy resin coating. 

Counter Top or Bar Top Coatings - You can create a one-of-a-kind counter or bar top with an epoxy resin coating over a wood substrate embedded with personal objects or collectibles. These objects can be photographs, theatrical programs, coins, bottle tops, poker chips, mosaic tiles, or any other items that you collect. Memorabilia and collectible objects are first attached to the wood surface with the epoxy adhesive in an organized or random design. A self-leveling epoxy resin is then poured over the top of these objects and allowed to dry. The edges can be smoothed by sanding and polishing, or framed with wood or metal.  

Epoxy resin coatings can be used to create personalized and unique features for your home. Epoxy resin is waterproof, chemically stable, resistant to mold, durable, non-shrinking, and easy to clean. Contact a local building contractor with your design ideas to create a custom-built epoxy resin floor and/or counter or bar top for your home. It will give your home a unique architectural feature that you will not see anywhere else.