The Value Of A Home Pre-Inspection

When planning to sell your home, you may take all the expected steps to make your property more attractive to prospective buyers. You might have the flooring refinished, the landscaping updated, and the windows replaced, among other improvement measures. One additional thing you can do is have your home pre-inspected. This step will help you attract buyers and complete the sale with fewer problems. 


When you have your home pre-inspected, you know exactly what needs to be repaired for your home to be sale-ready. You will have time to have all the necessary repairs done or, at least, you'll be able to  tell the buyers what needs to be done.  A pre-inspection means everyone has all the knowledge they need to make a fair deal. No one likes surprises, especially potential buyers. When you give them all the information upfront, buyers can be more confident in the decision that they make.


Home buyers are skeptical by nature. They may love the way your home looks, but they are on the lookout for hidden problems. Usually, these issues will only be revealed upon inspection, which typically takes place after an offer has been accepted. If you have the inspections all done before you put your home on the market, buyers will be more willing to invest time and money in acquiring your home. A pre-inspection cultivates trust, a valuable asset when you are selling a home.


Even after an offer has been tendered and accepted, the deal is far from complete. Sellers and buyers both know that things can fall apart during the closing process. Often this breakdown occurs when the home inspection reveals unexpected problems. When you invest in a pre-inspection, buyers cannot be surprised, so the deal is unlikely to break down before closing. When a deal collapses, it costs both the buyer and the seller time and money. A pre-inspection can prevent these problems. 

You can make selling your home an easier and more open process if you invest in a pre-inspection. Actually, having the inspections done at the beginning of the process instead of at the end makes a great deal of sense. An experienced inspector can give you a full and accurate list of what repairs need to be done to your home, simplifying your "fix-up" efforts. Buyers will appreciate having all the information upfront so that they can make an informed and logical decision about the property. Contact a business, such as AWP Home Inspections, LLC, for more information.