Answering A Few Questions About Driveway Potholes

Driveway maintenance is an important but often overlooked factor in caring for a new home. Failure to properly maintain a driveway can lead to a number of problems that will need to be addressed. In particular, potholes can be a very common issue that will need to be repaired. For those that have never had to address potholes, learning the following few questions and answers will help you to be better able to address this routine problem.

What Causes Potholes To Form?

There can be a couple of common causes that can lead to a driveway developing this problem. One of the more common can be due to the soil under the pavement eroding. When this happens, there will not be enough support for the driveway, which can cause these holes to form. Additionally, a driveway that is not regularly sealed can develop this damage due to water seeping into it and structurally weakening the pavement. This happens because the moisture will put pressure on the interior of the pavement when it expands due to temperature changes.

Why Is It Important To Repair Potholes?

Delaying repairing a pothole may not seem like a serious mistake to make. However, it can expose your driveway to a greater risk of suffering further damage. Potholes can eventually lead to a driveway develop serious cracking, and if this issue is not repaired, it may be necessary to completely replace the driveway. By having the damage addressed fairly soon after it forms, you may be able to correct the damage by simply patching the compromised portion of pavement.

Are There Steps You Can Take To Minimize The Risk of Potholes Developing?

While potholes can be a fairly common problem, there are some basic steps you can take to help minimize the risk of your driveway developing this type of damage. For example, if your property has drainage issues around the driveway, you may want to consider installing a French drain or gutter system to direct this water away from the pavement. Additionally, you will want to make sure to keep the pavement sealed to prevent moisture and other substances from soaking into the pavement and weakening it.

Over time, the effectiveness of a sealant will fade, which means you should apply a fresh coat every couple of years. Lastly, you should make sure that there are not any large plants within several feet of the pavement because the roots from these plants can cause the pavement to crack and buckle. While these steps may involve making some changes to your yard, this may be a small price to pay for preventing your driveway from encountering this type of damage. Contact a company like Max Commercial Construction for more information.