Looking At Some Of The Reasons You Should Never Forget Professional Water Well Inspections

When you turn on the faucet in your kitchen and plenty of fresh, clean water comes from it, you may not consider what may happen in the near future with your well because of the lack of inspections and maintenance. Some problems with a poorly maintained well can start to happen gradually, until suddenly you have no clean or running water at all. Follow these tips to ensure your water well remains in good condition and is always producing clean, clear water.

Preventing Sand In Your Well Water

When your well was initially drilled, the driller placed casing down inside it to protect your water supply from surrounding natural elements in the earth like sand. In between the areas where the casing meets, screen is placed so the well can draw from surrounding groundwater sources. As times passes, the screening material, commonly referred to as well screen, breaks down and degrades, usually because of corrosion. When the well screen is corroded, it has bigger holes that allow sand and grit to find their way into your well. If you begin to see sand in the water coming out of your faucet, you may find that your well is filling up with sand and grit, generally due to failing well screens. By having your well inspected by a professional on a regular basis, you can prevent sand and grit build-up in your well. A professional inspector will let you know when the well screens need to be replaced to avoid sand and grit issues later on.

Microorganism Growth Can Cause Unhealthy Bio-Fouling

When your well is filled with water, nature will naturally take its course and create a bio-film on the surface. Underneath this bio-film, microorganisms that can cause your drinking to be unhealthy can thrive. When you have your well inspected regularly, the water is routinely tested for bacteria like Cryptosporidium and Giardia, which can come from critters like mice finding their way into your well, but becoming trapped and drowning before finding their way back out. In many cases, you may not have any idea your well water is contaminated because it may not taste any different. For this reason, inspections are extremely important to remember.

Nothing tastes as good as a fresh drink of cold, fresh well water. The steps you need to take to protect and maintain your water well are certainly well worth it for having clean, fresh water always available on tap. If your well has not been inspected in a while, call a professional at a company like Valley Drilling Corp now to make an appointment.