The 6 Most Common Sump Pump Problems

Have you been struggling with your sump pump and are wondering what steps you need to take to correct a problem? While there is no way to diagnose your sump pump problem over the web, you can build an understanding of what the problem may be by reading about these common causes of pump issues. 

1. Power Failure

Without a flow of power, your pump is not going to do anything for you. You may also need to repair or replace a fuse. You may also have a better experience if you try plugging in the pump without using an extension cord. Weather can also be related to power failure.

2. Frozen Discharge Pipe

If you live somewhere with intense winter snow and drastic temperature drops, beware of the frozen discharge pipe. Water can freeze and block this pipe, ultimately leading to a flood in your basement or living space. It could also be that your pipe has too many elbows to be efficient, leading to clogs and jams.

3. Age

Unfortunately, sump pumps do get old. Every so many years, you need to replace your pump if you do not want to experience a water emergency. This is especially the case if you do not maintain your pump and pipes regularly.

4. Clogged Pumps

You may be able to tell that your pump is jammed or clogged because you hear loud noises emerging from it. If this happens frequently, it may be time to consider installing a grate over your pipe entryway.

5. Improper Float Switching Height

If the float switch is not able to raise up high enough, the float ball could be stuck or trapped. The fix may require simply an adjustment of the pump's position. On the other hand, it could be that the fluid levels are not high enough to activate your switch. 

6. The pump runs too much.

There are several reasons why your pump may be running continuously, including electrical issues. It could also be that your float switch is stuck in place or out of adjustment. You might have debris and other items pressing down too often, creating a continuous run. 

If you experience any of these problems, check out and call a plumber or sump pump professional. Trying to take care of the problem on your own could be disastrous if you are not sure what you are doing. Get in touch with a professional to solve your sump pump and sewage problems.