3 Simple Ways To Start Reducing Your Energy Costs

As a homeowner, there is a good chance that you are looking for any way that you can to save money. Utility bills tend to always run pretty high, whether in the winter or the summer, so it makes sense that you may want to try to cut down on your energy usage. Here are three simple changes that you can make right now that will help open up some money in your budget while also helping Mother Earth:

1. Turn Down the Heat on the Water Heater.

The average household uses 15 to 25 percent of their energy heating water. So, it makes sense that this would be an area to start with when it comes to reducing energy costs in the house. Luckily, it is possible to turn down the temperature on your water heater without having to worry about having enough hot water for bathing, laundry, dishwashing, etc. The key is knowing how much to turn it down and how much you'll save for doing so. You can lower your hot water heater's temperature to 120 degrees and save six to 10 percent annually, which equates to as much as $42 for the average family.

2. Switch to a Programmable Thermostat.

If you have an old thermostat, it's time to get an upgrade. Smart, programmable thermostats have the ability to reduce your energy bill, not to mention they simply make life easier. Programmable thermostats come with temperature settings pre-programmed in that can be set for various times throughout the day to give you complete control over comfort and energy use. As far as energy savings go, you can save up to 10 percent on your energy use annually by turning down your thermostat between seven to 10 degrees for at least eight hours at a time. A good time of day to do this is when you go to bed at a night and/or when you leave for work/school in the morning.

3. Switch Off the Lights.

This one probably seems really simple, but it is harder than it sounds. To save some money here and there, start turning off lights when a room is not being used. So, as you leave a room, switch off the light. For some people, they just can't remember to do this, and it really can save money throughout the money – and definitely over the duration of the year.

So, to make things easier on everyone, try having an electrician, like one from All American Air & Electric, Inc., install occupancy sensors throughout the home. These sensors can detect will a room is occupied and can also detect when a room has been left unoccupied for a certain amount of time and will automatically turn off the lights so that you don't ever have to. These are energy-efficient and convenient. Plus, they help to prevent unnecessary accidents where adequate lighting is necessary, such as in hallways and along stairs.