Three Types Of Automatic Door Solutions To Consider For Your Business

When it comes to door solutions for your business, there are many good reasons to consider automatic doors. They're convenient, safe and easy to maintain. But perhaps the most powerful reason to consider automatic doors is the fact that the overwhelming majority of customers prefer them to other door solutions. When surveyed, 98 percent of customers said they prefer automatic doors, according to a research study conducted by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers. You have a wide variety of options to choose from, ensuring that you'll find the right solution for your business. There's no shortage of colors, finishes, and designs. Here's the lowdown on three types of automatic door solutions:

Automatic Swinging

Available in various sizes and useful for restaurants, offices, and shops alike, automatic swinging doors are one of the most commonly chosen automatic door solutions. You can choose from various configurations and shapes to suit your needs, such as a single door that swings in, or out, or a pair of doors that swing simultaneously. You don't have to sacrifice appearance either. You can choose a door operator that is concealed, or surface applied. These doors come with sensors, as well as safety signage to keep your customers safe.  

Automatic Folding

Durable and heavy-duty, automatic folding doors allow for two-way traffic in and out of your business. They feature safety sensors on both sides of the door and typically come in two-panel and 4-panel options. You can choose a single folding door for in and out use, or a pair of folding doors -- one for incoming traffic, the other for outgoing customers. This is an especially good option for businesses that want to maximize space, as the folding configuration is a space-saver. 

Automatic Sliding

Automatic sliding doors combine durability and beauty for a practical entrance and exit solution for your business. The doors consist of flat panels that you can choose to have slide horizontally and linearly, with various configurations. They feature control mats that have sensors underneath them. When a customer steps on the control mat, the corresponding door slides open, allowing for a convenient and seamless exit and entrance into your business. The door operator is quiet and you have your choice of clear, frosted, or even colored glass. You can even configure the speed of the door -- that is, how quickly the door opens once triggered by the sensor underneath the mat.