3 Ways To Increase The Security Of Your Windows

Many people overlook the fact that each ground floor window in their home is yet another access point to their home. If you have lots of ground-floor-level windows in your home that someone could easily climb through, you may want to increase the security of your windows. Here are three ways that you can do so.

#1 Window Security Screens

One of the first things you can do to increase the security of your windows is to change out the screens that you have in your windows. Window security screens look like regular screens to the untrained eye; however, they provide you with some great security benefits. Instead of the regular mesh used in regular window screens, the mesh in security window screens is actually made out of steel. It is so strong that it cannot be easily cut with a knife, making it much harder for a potential intruder to slash through your window screen and get into your home.

Security screens are designed so that they are permanently mounted, which means that the screen has hinges on the inside and a latch on the inside as well that can only be accessed from the inside of the home so the screen can be removed for emergency purposes.

#2 Window Security Film

Next, you should add window security film to your existing windows. This film is generally clear and is designed to be applied to the inside of your window. You can also find security film that is tinted as well if you are looking for a little more privacy.

The primary security function of window security film is that if your window is broken from the outside, the glass will stick to the film and stay together. That means that someone cannot break your windows from the outside and then climb in over the broken glass. Another plus side to window security film is that they tend to increase the energy efficiency of your windows as well.

#3 Window Locks

Finally, another way to increase the security of your ground floor windows are with window locks. There are two main types of window locks that are typically used on windows.

Flip locks are what most windows come with. The lock is just a simple mechanism that can be flipped from left to right, right to left to lock and unlock the window. These are not the strongest locks to deter would be thieves away from your home.

Keyed locks can be added to most windows. With a key lock, you need a key in order to lock and unlock the window. This increases the security of your windows. However, it is important if you have a keyed lock that you keep lots of copies of the key in your home next to each window, so that in an emergency someone could easily find the key and unlock the window should they need to escape out of the window.