Reasons Why A Commercial Parking Lot Needs Regular Tree Care

Many commercial establishments enhance the appearance of their business by maintaining one or more trees on their premises. Trees are sometimes situated near a parking lot to produce a more pleasant environment for visiting customers or clients. However, mature trees located around a commercial parking lot require maintenance on a regular basis.

For many individuals, the ease of parking is an important part of the overall customer experience. Note how customers almost always park in the parking spaces closest to the entrance of a business. If you are a business owner or manager, you can better understand the experience of your customers by looking at your parking lot from their perspective.

Overhanging tree limbs

Customers may drive into a parking space before realizing that an overhanging tree limb is surprisingly close to their windshield. The problem of overgrown tree limbs is worsened by rainfall, as the added weight of rainwater causes the limbs to droop even further. Some customers may avoid a particular parking space altogether if there is clearly an inadequate amount of clearance.

Fallen tree debris

Mature trees should be trimmed periodically to ensure that pieces of dead wood do not drop onto the parking lot below. Customers may be somewhat annoyed if they have to drive over patches of fallen twigs as they navigate your parking lot. Even worse, customers might find a particular parking space blocked because of a fallen section of a tree limb.

Improving the customer's impression of your business is not the only reason to keep trees trimmed. Regardless of the nature of your business, you are probably reliant on the delivery of supplies or merchandise. As a result, you may need your parking area to accommodate certain types of delivery vehicles.

Box truck access

Professional delivery drivers are sometimes forced to park their larger vehicles along an adjacent street if they are unable to directly access a business. You might want to ensure that vehicles referred to as box trucks can navigate your parking lot. Also referred to as cube trucks, box trucks require a greater amount of vertical clearance than most passenger vehicles.

Providing access to box truck deliveries may require an additional amount of tree trimming. However, a parking lot that is accessible to box trucks is likely to also provide plenty of tree clearance for passenger vehicles.

Keeping the trees on a commercial lot trimmed helps minimize the risk of any legal liability arising from a fallen limb. Contact a tree care contractor for more information on how tree trimming can enhance customer satisfaction with your business. Visit a site like for more info.