Ready To Enjoy Your Waterfront Property? 4 Steps For Planning The Perfect Boat Dock

When you live on the water, you want to be able to enjoy as much of it as possible. If you've decided to purchase a boat, you're going to need to a dock. When you have a dock, your boat can be ready on a moments notice, which means you'll never have to miss out on water fun. However, before you build your boat, you will need to make sure that have everything just right. Here are four important steps you should take when planning your dock.

1. Choose the Right Height

When planning a boat dock, the most important thing you can do is choose the right height. Too low and more of the deck will be susceptible to water damage. Too high and you won't be able to get full enjoyment out of it. First, if it's too high, you can sit and dangle your feet in the water while you fish. Second, if it's too high, kids can't use it as a jumping off point for swimming. Finally, if it's too high, you won't be able to get in and out of your boat comfortably. Work with your contractor to choose the perfect height for your boat dock.

2. Protect Your Footers

When it comes to the footers, you might think that you'll be better off to place the wood posts directly into the bottom of the pond or lake. However, that's not actually true. When you sink bare wood into the water, you leave it susceptible to rot. To avoid that, you want to take a multi-step approach to your footers. You want to encase your wood footers in PVC pipe and then fill the pipe with concrete. The concrete-filled PVC pipe will protect your wood posts and prevent water damage.

3. Consider Your Sun Exposure

If you and your family are going to be enjoying additional activities on your dock, such as fishing, you want to make sure that you're going to be protected from the sun. That's why you want to be sure that your dock plans include a covered portion. The covered dock will allow you to spend time on the dock without the sun exposure. Not only that, but it will also provide protection against the rain.

4. Don't Forget the Boat Lift

You never know when the weather is going to turn bad. Unfortunately, if you're not prepared for inclement weather, your boat could take quite a beating, especially during high winds. To keep your boat from getting beaten against the dock during winds and rough waters, don't forget to have a boat lift installed with your dock. A boat lift will allow you to get your boat safely out of the water until the storm passes.

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