Protecting Your Basement With Waterproofing Services

Among all of the threats that the basement will have to face, moisture damage is one of the most commonly encountered. Unfortunately, moisture damage can also be one of the most costly issues to repair.

What Can Happen If Your Basement Has Not Been Protected With Waterproofing?

In order to be able to effectively protect your basement against moisture damage, it will need to be thoroughly waterproofed. When this work is done to the basement, it will be less likely to have moisture seep through the walls and other small openings. This is among the most common types of damage, and the application of a waterproof coating along all of the walls and floors of the basement will prevent moisture from being able to enter. The damage that abasement experiences due to this type of damage will vary based on the materials used in the basement. Generally, you can expect rot, corrosion, mold, and concrete cracking to be the most likely complications from this moisture damage.

Is Waterproofing a Basement the Same as Finishing It?

Finishing a basement is an efficient way of increasing the amount of usable space that is in your home. However, homeowners should avoid assuming that waterproofing a basement is all that is involved with finishing it. While this is a key step, there are other types of work that will likely also need to be done. For example, the electrical system of the basement is likely to need to be enhanced to be able to support lights and other appliances you might need. Luckily, the process of waterproofing the basement is one of the quickest aspects of having it finished. As a result, you can expect minimal disruption from this work if your basement has not been waterproofed in the past.  

Is There a Time of Year When Waterproofing Should Be Done?

While the time of the year that you have your basement waterproofed will not impact the final results of this work, it is often advisable to have this work done in the winter. The winter months will be dry, and waterproofing the basement during this time of the year will ensure that it is protected when the moist spring and summer months arrive. However, if you notice that your basement is experiencing moisture problems, repairs, and waterproofing services should be scheduled as soon as possible to limit the damage that the basement experiences.