What You Should Do To Prepare For A Replacement Window Installation

If you have recently purchased some windows to replace your old and drafty ones, then it is wise to have the windows installed professionally. And, as you wait for your appointment, there are a few things that you should definitely do to prepare. Keep reading to learn about a few of these things.

Clear A Path

Your installation experts will need space to get to the replacement area and to do their work. Some installations require the removal and replacement of flashing and insulation, and the siding must be moved aside as well. This allows for the proper adherence of the nail strips along the edge of the window. So, you need to make sure there is more than enough space outside your home so the workers can do their job. 

Move all pots out of the way and clear brush as well. Also, make sure that the installation expert has more than enough room to move with at least a few feet of clear space along the ground. Trimming back bushes and trees is a good idea to create a clear area and to also prevent injuries. 

When it comes to the indoor area, you want to move furniture away from the windows. If rain is in the forecast and the installers may be interrupted when it comes to completing the replacement task, then think about preparing some tarps and drop cloths to cover furniture that might become wet. Keep in mind that tarps can also be used to protect your flooring from workers moving around inside your home. 

Arrange For A Sitter

For safety reasons, it is wise to make sure that pets and children are kept away from window installation areas. Not only can they become injured, but they can also cause accidents for the people who are installing the windows. So, make sure that children are left with a trusted adult outside the home. Typically, the installation experts can give you a rough estimate on how long the installation will take. They will usually err on the side of caution and schedule a two-day period of work. Make arrangements for a sitter for both these days.

You should also get a sitter for your dogs if you can. If you cannot, then think about placing them in a safe space for the day like a closed bedroom or a bathroom. Crates can work well for this too. 

If you want to know more about the types of things you should be doing before your window installation appointment, speak with a replacement window installation service in your area.