Call On A Contractor For A Wooden Replacement For Iron Railings

A rusted, broken iron railing dramatically detracts from a home's looks. The corroded railing still maintained stability even with heavy pitting and a few detached spokes. So, the previous owners did not replace it. Having recently inherited the home, you own all of it, including the neglected railing. Selling the house with the railing in such a condition creates a twofold problem. First, curbside appeal suffers significantly. Second, replacing the rail can be enormously expensive when hiring an ironworks service. A better option could be hiring a contractor to remove the railing, tear down the connecting brick steps, and install a wooden handrail, deck, and steps. 

Contractors vs. Ironworks Companies

Ironworks companies create custom wrought-iron railings at great costs. The finished product also burdens owners with extensive maintenance to prevent corrosion. A wood railing won't cost as much, and the contractor could deliver more than a railing. Ironworkers rarely also do construction work. The neglect that ruined the railing may extend to its connected brick-and-mortar steps. A custom-made iron railing installed on brand-new brick steps would run the costs up dramatically. Don't automatically assume that you must replace "like with like," though. Wood steps and a connecting wood deck platform could work just as well.

Contractors vs. Freelance Welders

Hiring a freelance welder to replace damaged sections with discarded junk railing parts could turn out disastrous. When there's not enough metal on the corroded railing to weld things properly, a lot could go wrong. The entire patch job could fall apart in a few months. And that's only if everything welds together at all, which isn't guaranteed. Remember, the railing is in bad shape. If it does hold and falls apart months after selling the house, the seller could be liable for the replacement work. 

Putting Up the New Wood Railing and Steps

Maybe the railing and steps need a complete rebirth. The contractor can remove the old rail, break apart and remove all the brick, and replace everything with custom work, including a new railing, one built to your preferred specifications. Go with a round handrail or whatever you wish. A contractor can offer many options regarding the style and look of the deck/railing combo. Further visual improvements could come from the chosen paint color. Wood steps, decks, and railings also come with low maintenance and can last a long time. Maybe those wood rails will appeal to a potential buyer more than iron ever would.