Dealing With Water Problems In Your Drilled Well

Homes with a drilled water well depend on the pump in the well or in the home to continue to bring water from the bottom of the well to the house. If the pump is acting up, it is critical that it is serviced and inspected for issues. Ignoring the problem will potentially leave you with a pump that is not working and no water in your home.  Low Water Pressure Read More 

Design Tips for Building a Detached Garage on Your Property

If you've been dreaming of the day you can build a detached garage on your property and the time has come, then it's important you take many things into consideration when designing it, including each of these tips: Design Tip: Know What You Legally Can and Cannot Build Before you start sketching your new garage in your head or on napkins at dinner, first you need to have a very clear understanding of what you legally can and cannot build. Read More 

Three Tips To Save Money On Your Log Home Construction

Do you dream of owning a log home, either as a primary residence or a vacation home, but the expense of construction seems daunting? If so, there is no reason to abandon this dream. Instead, begin by researching the various way you can cut costs while not sacrificing quality. The following tips will provide you with just a few ways to keep a little more green in your pocket when constructing your dream home. Read More 

3 Steps To Take If Someone Drives Into Your Garage Door

Waking up to property damage is a terrible way to start your morning. If you've just discovered that someone damaged your garage door by driving into it, you may be feeling angry and uncertain about your next steps. Here are three steps you should take if this happens to you: 1. Find the culprit. If at all possible, find out who damaged your garage. If you're lucky, the person who hit your garage will have left a note with contact information, but it's possible that the person did a hit-and-run. Read More 

Tired Of Your Exterior Home? Add Awnings To Your Windows To Make A Change

If you are tired of the way your exterior home looks, there are many changes that can make things look different. One thing you can do is to add awnings to your windows. Below are some benefits of doing this, as well as three types of awnings you can choose from. Benefits of Awnings Awnings can offer you many benefits. One benefit is they can keep harmful UV rays from shining into your window. Read More