Protecting Your Basement With Waterproofing Services

Among all of the threats that the basement will have to face, moisture damage is one of the most commonly encountered. Unfortunately, moisture damage can also be one of the most costly issues to repair. What Can Happen If Your Basement Has Not Been Protected With Waterproofing? In order to be able to effectively protect your basement against moisture damage, it will need to be thoroughly waterproofed. When this work is done to the basement, it will be less likely to have moisture seep through the walls and other small openings. Read More 

3 Useful Tips When Hiring A Renovation Contractor For A Home Remodel

There may be a point in time when you want to change the layout of your home. Whether it's the bathroom or kitchen, you'll need help from a renovation contractor for these projects. Choosing one will be a smooth process if you remember these tips:  Look Into Past Work So that you have a pretty good idea of the work a renovation contractor is capable of, look at their past work. Read More 

Why Is Kiln Drying So Important For Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed barn wood is tough, but in certain applications it may need additional processing to "season" it, or dry it out so it reaches a particular moisture content. When wood is first cut, it's called green wood, not because it's environmentally friendly but because it's fresh or new wood (similar to a "green" employee on his first day on the job). When the green wood is dried so that it's moisture content reaches a particular level, it's called seasoned wood. Read More 

Dealing With Water Problems In Your Drilled Well

Homes with a drilled water well depend on the pump in the well or in the home to continue to bring water from the bottom of the well to the house. If the pump is acting up, it is critical that it is serviced and inspected for issues. Ignoring the problem will potentially leave you with a pump that is not working and no water in your home.  Low Water Pressure Read More 

Design Tips for Building a Detached Garage on Your Property

If you've been dreaming of the day you can build a detached garage on your property and the time has come, then it's important you take many things into consideration when designing it, including each of these tips: Design Tip: Know What You Legally Can and Cannot Build Before you start sketching your new garage in your head or on napkins at dinner, first you need to have a very clear understanding of what you legally can and cannot build. Read More