How A Contractor Can Upgrade Your Swimming Pool For Added Appeal

Are you tired of having an inground pool that has a damaged surface and deck? You may want to invest in getting your pool upgraded so the surface and deck can be resurfaced for more appeal. In this article, find out how a contractor can resurface your pool to make swimming in it more enjoyable. How Can a Swimming Pool Be Upgraded? Your pool can be upgraded by a contractor refinished the plaster that covers the surface. Read More 

Four Things You Will Want To Know About Restoring Historic Masonry Work

If you want to restore an historic building, there is a lot of work to do. Some things can be relatively simple to restore, and other things like masonry can be quite difficult to restore. This is because things like mortar joints and bricks can crack and repairs can sometimes be obvious. Tuckpointing is a great solution for historic brickwork that needs to be restored. Here are some of the things that you may want to know about tuckpointing before you begin your renovation project: Read More 

Keeping Your Construction Supplies Secure While On The Job Site

If you're a contractor, you know that your job site changes, sometimes by the day. Moving from location to location means that you need to keep all of your materials, tools and supplies secure at all times. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars worth of tools need to be kept safe but also accessible. Here are a few ways that you can keep building supplies and tools secure and away from unwanted prying hands. Read More 

Learn How to Quickly Repair a Torn Window Screen

Learn how to patch the screen so that you can open your window without worrying about insects flying into your kitchen. A simple patch job will also improve the way that the screen looks so that the damage is no longer visible. Use The Following Items sewing thread piece of mesh screen scissors ruler masking tape embroidery needle plastic sheeting scrub brush soapy water water hose Prepare the Screen for Repair Read More 

Septic Tank Pumping: Reducing The Frequency Of This Maintenance

If your home operates on a septic system, the fact is that your septic tank will need to be pumped from time to time in order to prevent an overflow. However, if you are pumping your tank more often than once every few years, you may be able to reduce the frequency of this maintenance by making just a few small changes in the way your household deals with waste. Below you will learn more about the changes you can make and how these changes will ultimately reduce the frequency with which your septic tank requires pumping. Read More